Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Isaac's Birthday & A Strange Phase I Went Through

Only 13 more days until Isaac’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe it! I’d like to say I have big plans, but I’m actually waiting to see how my Dad is feeling after having surgery on his arm yesterday. He fell on black ice while getting out of his delivery truck 2 weeks ago and fractured his arm. (ouch!)

I will assure you that Isaac will be getting tons of kisses on those sweet cheeks from his Mama for being such a trooper the past 2 years! It hasn’t been easy for him, but he somehow manages to still be the happiest kid on the block. When I’m feeling sorry for myself I just look at him and see how happy he is all the time in spite of his limitations. He’s my inspiration!

Although I’m looking forward to birthday festivities I keep thinking about this strange phase I went through right after his first birthday.

I tried to convince myself right after finding out Isaac’s diagnoses that even though it was hard, I would just “get over it” within a couple of weeks. As if I was Superwoman or something I spent the first year trying to stay strong, live in the moment and survive. The house was busy with nurses and we were in and out of the hospital. There was no time to dwell on emotions.

At the 1 year mark I went into this phase I like to call “where in the world did that come from?” Reality hit me like a brick and I had to sort through some unprepared emotions. Was this a bad thing? No, it was a great thing! Although it took me a couple of months to get out of my “fog” I came out better, stronger and more able to accept Isaac’s disability.

Maybe I'll visit another phase after his 2nd birthday, maybe I won't, but I know now that as much as I would like to call myself Superwoman, I'm not and I have to let myself go into that "fog" once and awhile and know it's OK!

But seriously, who could be sad for long with that sweet face!

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Junior said...

Isaac is such a handsome little guy, love his sweet smile.