Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Little Ray Of Sunshine

The sun is finally out and I can't wait until I can take this boy out into the world to enjoy the sights and smells! For his birthday I'm going to buy him a swing for our backyard swing set. I'm sure he will enjoy that.

A few people were praying for my Dad's surgery on his arm last week. He is doing real well, although he is going a little stir crazy as he won't be back to work until June the 1st. He's also eager to start golfing again (his favorite sport), but it will be awhile! We are looking forward to having them over the 18th to celebrate Isaac, my Grandpa and my Stepmother Jean's birthday as they are all in April.

Isaac got tested last week on his immunoglobulin levels. (yes it's a mouthful, click on it to see web MD). It is low and in fact lower than when they tested him at only 7 months old, which doesn't make much sense at all! I'm not going to worry my little head over this until they do further testing.

Well I have 6 kids in my backyard right now so I better go see what's going on!


Gammy said...

Yes, you are a little ray of sunshine! To me, you have always been a ray of sunshine, and always will be. Your ray of sunshine has taken me on a journey that I probably would have never ventured to do, but your ray has given me direction in my career goals, my heart, my spirit, and my attitudes.
Just one little medically fragile child, whom some may say was born defective, has found a way to light my path toward growth and new avenues of love. I will always be in your debt for giving this to me, one whom some may say was born normal with no particular defects. How can this be? I look upon it as one of the beautiful mysteries of, Isaac.

Your Gammy

Pauline Salter said...

Colleen, Isaac & family
thank you for always visiting Lena's CB site & for your kind messages. I have been extra busy lately & sorry I haven't left messages.
Well Isaac...the big day is coming and it will be your special day...your birthday.
I loved your beautiful smile when I opened your site.
Keeping you in our prayers daily and sending our love & hugs across the miles. Tell your Gammy I will write to her soon.
Love Pauline & Miss Lena