Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby Steps

It's almost Friday the 13th and you know what that means, don't you? Isaac's 2nd birthday is 1 month away!! Our sweet baby came into the world on Friday, April the 13th 2007. Since then Isaac has taken many baby steps. One of our biggest goals for him before he turned 1 years old was to have him smile and recognize us. Most parent's hope to have their children walking, talking and eating finger foods by then. Not us, we wanted interaction, not to mention less hospital stays! When he looked directly at me and smiled big around 9 months old that was huge. Now even though he can't verbalize much, when he's feeling well he has a lot to give and he's being more intent on signing bye bye, hi, mama and food.

Ok, so I admit, I'm only human and when I think of how delayed he is at almost 2 years old it is discouraging. Like most mom's with special needs kids I struggle with the what if's, but I have to remember that Isaac is going to do what Isaac is going to do in Isaac's time and we will take what we can get!

His lungs are still questionable due to head colds and teething. I had the date wrong on Isaac's pulmonology appointment and I was soooo glad because of the snow and the 9 degree weather we were having! It's not fun, let me tell ya having to drive a medically fragile child around town in the ice and snow. We will go this Monday, it should warm up to 50 degrees by then. Then maybe we can finally welcome spring! Yay!


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