Sunday, March 8, 2009

Everyone Can Dance

Thanks for the prayers! As you can see Isaac is feeling a little better and is dancing in his Johnny Jumper. Everyone should be able to dance, even if they can't walk! Since adding Prednisone (an oral steroid) to our bag of tricks, Isaac's lungs are better and he needs less oxygen.

Today I am thankful for:
Daylight Savings Time, even though I needed a strong Americano from Starbucks in order to function.

Sam and Isaac are looking pretty cozy watching NASCAR races together.

An awesome staff of home nurses!

Please pray for:
Wisdom on if we should sell and buy another duplex for a better school district for Autumn and an ideal place for Isaac's special needs.

Tuesday's Pulmonology appointment. That we get a bill of health to allow Isaac to phase into therapy at the center this summer.

I added a list of courageous kids to my site (email subscribers click on the subject to see the whole blog). These are kids I pray and think about every week. Not only are these kids brave, but the mom's are an inspiration too!



Pauline Salter said...

Colleen & family
We are thinking of you all & keeping you in our prayers, also praying that Isaac will stay out of hospital & continue to make milestones.
Love & hugs, Pauline & Lena

Connor's Mom said...

Looks like Isaac is enjoying his Johnny Jump Up! Connor has an identical one of these, and he enjoys spinning in circles in it.

I hope that your appointment tomorrow goes well and that he's able to get into therapy. We'll be thinking about you!