Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mama Needs A Nap

Don't they look cute? I need a nap too as it has been a very busy week for me. Saturday was a fun day with Autumn (my daughter). We call it "Autumn and Mama day." I try and make this a day where just her and I go somewhere special together such as the movies, shopping etc. So we went to Build A Bear and she made a cute puppy named "Butterscotch" and then we oohed and aahed at pretty dresses and the pretty charms at the Claire's. Then I took her to the movies. Brownie (the dog) was feeling left out, so later we gave her a bath at the self dog wash and then she got rewarded with a new bandanna and a Whopper from Burger King. Can you say spoiled?? Doesn't she look pretty in her new attire? What was Sam doing? He was manufacturing his new invention called a "Coatrackbox." I will have to put a link on the side of my blog on that. He's very ingenious! Lynn (Isaac's home nurse) and I packed up on Monday and today as if we were taking a round trip to the moon and took Isaac to see the Pulmonologist and the Endocrinologist. The Pulmonolgist has Isaac on an antibiotic for a mild respiratory infection and his lungs sounded good to him. I called the office later to see about phasing him into therapy at the center, since I got so distracted that I forgot to ask. He said that for now he feels that Isaac is still too medically fragile and at high risk for respiratory infection to discontinue home therapy. Bummer! Anyhow, the Endocrine doc checked Isaac's growth and his length was 28.4 inches long. She said that was about the length of a 9 month old baby and he's 23 months (21 corrected), so he's just a peanut. She also ordered some labs for thyroid and growth. On a very very sad note I just received some shocking news this week that one of our home nurses was in a tragic car accident on Monday and died instantly. These nurses who come into our home and care for our son become part of the family and a part of our lives, so needless to say this is very sad news for me. She was very good with Isaac and loved reading him books. She will be missed! (:



Kacey Bode said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your nurse.

Isaac is such a cutie pie!! I can't say I blame the doc for not wanting him to go to the center right now, a little guy in Ella's class had Influenza A last week and another had RSV, it has been a germ fest : ) Ella is only 31 inches tall at 30 months old, she's a peanut too!

Pauline said...

So sorry to hear the sad news of your nurse.
Sounds like you & Autumn have had a great time on your day out together.
Glad that Isaac is doing well and I just love seeing his pictures...he is so, so cute & I also enjoy the ones of him & Autumn. She is such a caring sister to Isaac.
We are thinking of you & pray for you each day.

Love & hugs, Pauline & Lena

Mary said...

I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your nurse. I'm sure its like losing part of your family.

On a cherry note - your kiddos are adorable. I'll be sure to stop back by and keep track of you guys.

While the Gs is great Kacey is right it is a big germ fest. It was my lil guy that had Influenza A. UGH you don't want that.