Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Speech...not always easy for a little guy with a trach and a developmental disability, but I've been trying to teach him sign language the past 4 months. The day we noticed he was waving goodbye to his home nurse Linn was quite a day as we both wanted to cry tears of joy. It took us a minute to realize what he was doing! Sign language is not easy for Mr. Isaac. He was born with some fingers that do not bend easily and moving his hand towards his chin requires some coordination. So in the photo I'm teaching him the sign food. It takes a minute for him to get the hand down from the top of his head down to his chin. Since just recently he has been able to tolerate the valve for more than an hour, he is finally starting to make sounds when he is happy or trying to express himself. Very cute. He also likes to play a game where he puts his hand to my mouth and I make funny noises and he laughs so hard. He is wearing his muire valve (speaking valve) most of the afternoon without any oxygen and keeping up his saturation levels! YAY!


Anonymous said...

hi there Isaac-hope you are having a great day-great job on the signing by the way. Curt use to be able to sign some things-and the rest of the crew can sign the alphabet,colors and some simple things(they lost intrest) anyway keep up the good work-you sure are the cutie pie. F.R.O.G. sharon and crew (tell mommy thank you for always signing Curt gb and leaving such good msg.)

joan's blessings said...

way to go Isaac!! Great job on the sign you can tell everyone how you really feel :) Hannah has never been able to do that since she is deaf/blind