Thursday, August 21, 2014

Taking Risks

Sorry it's been awhile again:) we have been busy in a good way. Isaac has been on many small adventures lately in the "vimo."
We enjoyed walking around Manito a couple weeks ago and the Japanese gardens. Sister is such a good helper. 
Then we went to Riverfront to watch the Jr. Symphony. Isaac loves music. By the way Autumn's audition for the symphony is coming up on September 5th. She is so excited and nervous! 
This week we went up to Green Bluff with my Mom and he got to see the goats and sheep. Also, we let him play in the pea box, which was a HUGE risk because of the trach, but we did it anyway and he enjoyed it! 

Speaking of taking huge risks, we are in the process of trying out a couple of full days of school this fall instead of several half days. Since he gets tired easily this could be very challenging. It's worth a try though. Also, our annual nursing review was yesterday and they kept our hours! The best part is there is a policy where the school hours are seperate than the home hours and the district will pay for the school hours. That's probably the best news I've heard all year!