Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back To School

Yesterday both kids went back to school. First let me tell you about my mornings. At around 7:20 I pick up my nephew who is only 2 months younger than Autumn. Carpool usually looks like this. Total craziness. 
When I get home at 8am the nurse and I are packing up to take Isaac and his gear to his school. It takes about 12 minutes to get there. The school is a total zoo. By the way did I mention there are only 2 handicapped spots in the parking lot and they are usually taken? 

Anyway Autumn is loving 7th grade already. She has mostly male teachers who are fun. 
Isaac went to his first EVER full day of school. He did well. He was pretty tired as expected the rest of the day. We are only doing Mondays and Wednesdays right now and will probably add a 3rd day. 

It's nice to be back to a schedule again. Happy pre-fall. 

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Anonymous said...

Fun, fun, fun. Happy back to school!

Love, Gammy