Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Sorry it's been awhile. It's so much easier to post on "Isaac Grove's Journey" on Facebook so I don't get a chance to post here as much. We are having a wonderful summer. School can hold off a little longer. Not looking forward to all that craziness. We took little man to a large party over the weekend and he had fun getting lots of attention. We also got to show off our new wheelchair van. 
Also, I'm officially getting old as I just attended my 20th class reunion. It's always fun to get out and spend time with Sam without the kids. 
Isaac had a few appointments recently. The eye Dr wants to put another balloon in his tear ducts and then there are some future tests with urology that have been brought up. Both would require anesthesia. Both are not very pressing to me and quite honestly why rock the boat? I used to think I had to schedule these things because I would be a bad parent if I didn't, but now I know that sometimes less is better. Right? 

With school approaching the Pulmonologist is running an immunology test 1 month after having the Pneumovax shot. Of course he didn't even flinch. He's so tough. The Dr still wants him to go 1/2 a day this upcoming school year and I'm ok with that. Also, the end of August is our annual review to see if we still qualify for our current nursing hours. These always make me nervous. 

Autumn has been practicing her heart out lately and taking lessons. Her goal is to join the youth symphony this year. She has to audition in September and they don't make it easy. Isaac has enjoyed many home concerts this summer. He loves it! 

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Anonymous said...

He has been so cuuuuuuuute! this summer.

Love, Gammy