Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer Fun

Isaac is enjoying the sunshine and being outdoors lately. It has been really hot this week so since he's sensitive temperatures I only take him out during the evening. He really enjoys his swing and gets excited when I tell him we are going outside. 
Lastnight there was a super moon and Sister wanted him to see it (even though I don't know how much he could actually see). So she layed out a blanket on the deck. I thought that was cute.
She likes to try new adventures for her brother to experience, such as last week when he went on the carrousel and gondola ride for the first time. He seemed to really enjoy both of them and the scenery. These activities are so much easier with the van, that's for sure.

As always in the summer it's fun to visit family members, such as when my Aunt and Uncle came up from California.
On the weekends we have scheduled extra nursing so that we can take Sister camping since dirt, cliffs, sand and water don't mix with Isaac's trach or wheelchair. We have been enjoying some scenic lakes and having good times. 
We have 2 appointments coming up with Opthalmology and Pulmonology. I will post later on how that all went. So far since being on antibiotics last month he's been feeling great! 



Michelle said...

yay for summer fun and good health!!

Anonymous said...

Well, little man, we are going to have some more fun summer adventures when you go to the Cherry Festival at Greenbluff with the me and the family.

Keep up the good health!

Love, Gammy