Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dreaming of spring....

Recently big Sister had a cold that she passed on to me and is now being passed on to Isaac. I'm hoping he handles this cold well as it's not a fun one!

Today I'm dreaming of spring. I'm dreaming of taking my buddy for strolls around the park when the sun is out, the breeze is warm and the skies are blue. I want to push  him in the backyard swing as I count to 100 and he gets a smile on his face from ear to ear. I want to take him outside in his wheelchair while he listens to his favorite tunes on the iPod and I pick fresh vegetables from the garden. This looks like a slice of heaven right here....
Instead the days are colder and although the snow is beautiful at times, I'm dreaming of a day when it's sunny and green and I'm NOT driving in this...
Even Brownie is depressed. OK maybe she just wants a piece of my popcorn.
Some ways we are beating the blues are by visiting places with greenery such as a local nursery. Isaac enjoys any kind of small outing like this where he is exploring and there isn't too much stimulation going on.
He will probably start attending school again in mid March, depending on how the Pulmonologist appointment goes next month. Currently he's enjoying having his many visitors at home. When I tell him "someone is coming to see you today" he gets really excited. He is one popular guy! The Teacher comes over on Tuesdays, the Speech Therapist on Wednesdays, Physical Therapist on Thursdays and the Occupational Therapist comes on Fridays. Add in the Nurses who come in for certain hours per day and the doorbell is always ringing. Solitude? Privacy? What's that?

The Teacher is working on a new communication system called Gotalk Now. It's seems to be one of the better ones for him as far as assistive technology goes. We had tried the Proloque program and that was too advanced and didn't work well with our iPad. Still, it's easier to just have him express what he wants with gestures and also grabbing a toy or movie when we give him 2 choices. He is definitely much more aware of making choices than ever.

Well that is all for now. Thanks for listening to my rant about winter. At least groundhog day is just around the corner. Right? 

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Anonymous said...

Don't count on the groundhog. He always runs back in his hole. At least winter here is not as bad as back east.
Love, Gammy