Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This week something very strange and unusual happened to me. I became a football fan. Superbowl for me has always been about watching commercials and asking "so who's playing this year?" I honestly could care less, but this time history was in the making and the Seahawks were on their way to victory! I couldn't help but notice the energy as I went to the store Sunday morning and saw most of the customers dressed in green and blue. I searched far and wide for a Seahawks shirt for the boy, but they must've been sold out. Instead he wore his lucky shirt, which must've worked. GO HAWKS!!!
Daddy and Isaac snuggled up while watching the game. Isaac likes football, but loves being with his Daddy even more. Yeah, he's pretty neat!
Well at first it seemed like the buddy was getting that nasty cold that we had, but he's feeling great now. Hooray for a low-key respiratory season so far!

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Anonymous said...

So Isaac and Mama are football fans now. Whoever said it was hard to change (lol!).