Friday, January 17, 2014

Isaac's Eye Appointment

I get nervous sometimes when little man goes to the eye doctor because I never know what the outcome will be. This time the appointment was great and there were no changes in the pigment of his eyes or prescription. Now he's a "mystery" as they are thinking that he was just was born with abnormalities in his eyes.  Previously they were thinking he may have had a degenerative retinal disease. This does not 100% conclude that he doesn't have it, but I'm feeling more positive that maybe he doesn't.
It's funny how many dozens of times we have been put in a position of making tough decisions or getting stressed out about something the Dr's suspect. Right now Isaac is in pretty good health and on zero oxygen around the clock. I am reminded today after reading a few posts on facebook and caringbridge sites that some of our friends (local or through blogs) are experiencing some very difficult challenges. A few parents have angels in heaven or their child has a medical diagnoses that is beyond comprehension. I am thankful for these inspiring Mom's who express their journey's so well.

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Anonymous said...

The Lord has certainly had His hand on you Isaac. He definitely has a purpose for your life.
Love Gammy