Friday, September 20, 2013

Growing Up

My kids are growing up :*) sniff. This amazing, smart, talented, beautiful girl is now a middle schooler and will turn 12 next month! 

She's adjusting to middle school life and its challenges that come along with being a pre-teen girl. I've discovered that girls this age generally have many challenges 
with friends or jealousy. it's interesting to see her mature and explore what God has in store for her.  We are a little intimated because she's in advanced math. Luckily Sam is better at math than I am. We're hoping we can keep up with her! 

Isaac had a great first week of school. I can't say enough about how nice the teacher and staff are there. 

He's on a very modified schedule, but apparently his IEP wasn't up to date enough to support this because I got a phone call  yesterday informing me that he wasn't at school. I thought it was really funny, as if he was skipping or something. I'm working with his Pulmonologist to send more documentation since his health depends on it. Even after going there a 1/2 day, 3 days a week he's tuckered out and naps right when we get home. 

Yesterday we went to Shriners and he had X-rays of his elbow. The good news is that the dislocation they saw is something that has been there a long time, kind of like the dislocation in his hips. It doesn't appear that it will greatly effect the movement in his arms long term. Since he did have swelling on his elbow, he probably did have a minor injury, but it didn't cause the dislocation. Now he doesn't have to wear that funny splint anymore.


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Anonymous said...

They are certainly both growing up!

Love, Gammy