Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our Week

Well it hasn't been the most favorable week for Mr. Isaac. A few days ago we had our annual review with DDA and got some unexpected news that they had to cut some of our nursing hours. It's not a big change, but enough to make a difference in our schedule. although like they said, he's much more stable than ever there still is a lot of work involved in making sure he stays well. 

Yesterday the nurse noticed that his left arm was swollen and was in pain upon movement. So we spent 4 hours in the ER getting X-rays. His elbow got dislocated somehow so they put a splint on and referred us to an orthopedist Dr.

I feel really bad because we don't know how it happened. I also have very good nurses who are careful with him. We suspect that he may have gotten his arm or wrist caught in the crib slats and then he tends to do flips in his bed.  He's not in pain anymore since having the splint and some ibuprofen. 

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Anonymous said...

Little guy, you gotta quit flippin much and getting your arm caught in the slays!

Love, Gammy