Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Lately this girl has been impressing my socks off! This week she rocked her report card and learned how to play 2 songs (well) on the violin for her upcoming concert. She has a kind heart and is a dynamite sister. I'm a proud Mama!
After Isaac was born and we were told that he would probably have a severe disability, I wondered in the back of my mind "would I be proud of him?" I wondered if I would find  happiness even though I would be wishing he could do the things other kids could do at his age. 

Now fast forward 5 years. Wishing he could do those things will never go away. That will always be in the back of my mind, but finding pride in his little accomplishments is easy. Not only does Isaac have me to cheer him on when he does something small, he has a whole audience...nurses, therapists, family members, people who read our blog. That makes my heart swell!

How does he smile most of the day when he's gone through so much? That's not an easy task, but he does it well. How does he inspire many? How has he proved the doctors wrong when they didn't think he would live past infancy or even recognize us?  I have many reasons to be proud of this little man!

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