Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Taking A Moment

With the heated election that was going on yesterday and the constant bickering on the TV and Internet, I had to turn off the world for awhile. Instead Isaac and I made a sensory bag together. Thanks to Heidi's blog, which is amazing BTW. She's so creative with her happy boy Junior! The photo quality isn't great since I took these with the ipod:/

We needed glitter, food coloring, foam stickers, hair gel and flat vase marbles (or poly beads)

Somebody is happy!

Isaac really showed off for the PT yesterday by holding himself up and reaching for things at the same time. He's getting stronger by the day. I'm taking a short break from scheduling appointments until the first of the year. It gets old after awhile and I'm sure Isaac would prefer being home than at appointments all the time. He has many Dr's so it's hard to decide which ones he should see sooner than later...

Ear Nose And Throat Dr.
GI Specialist
Shriner's Hospital

Whew! I'm just glad we don't need to see any of them as much as we used to.


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Junior said...

love your sensory bag Isaac, cool Christmas stickers, I think Junior and I will have to make one for Christmas to.