Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Little Man In The Kitchen

This kid cracks me up sometimes. When I'm doing the dishes or cooking, he will twirl around, go backwards, sideways, anyway he can to get himself into the kitchen to be with me. His favorite thing to do is open and close the cabinet doors or drawers. He also likes going up to the refrigerator and playing with Autumn's artwork or crinkling it up (which she doesn't appreciate much).

I love watching him explore. A few days ago I found him opening a drawer, pulling out the sandwich bags, throwing them all over the floor and then closing the drawer...repeat. Normally if Autumn had done something like that when she was smaller I would've been freaking out about the mess, but I was happy for him that he was doing a fun cause and effect activity. Yay! Strange how things change with a special needs child. So I'm trying to get more creative, such as letting him whisk the gravy while we count or teaching him the difference between hot and cold. Who knows how much that little head of his is taking in. One thing is for sure, I always have good company in the kitchen.


Michelle said...

Love it!! Yay for cause and effect!! Go Isaac, make those messes!! I know exactly what you're saying about the change!

Lacey said...

Our kido's get away with a lot because we get so excited that they are doing naughty things! Its the only time we welcome it!!