Sunday, October 28, 2012

Reflecting and Celebrating

Lately I've been reflecting a little after attending an all day palliative care conference at the hospital. What in the world is that you ask? It's where medical professionals and parents of medically fragile children talk about "bridging the gap" in health care. It's basically a chance for parents to have a voice and help health care workers learn how to best communicate with families facing a chronic or terminal illness. I came to realize after the conference how well Isaac is doing and how we are living life the best we can instead of just surviving like we were even a few years ago. 

Shortly after the conference I felt like it was time to do something positive. Isaac let me have a photo session with him in his costume. Meet Captain America! Shielding off all of those cold and flu germs so that he can stay well the entire respiratory season....

 Who is that silly man in the mask?
"Really Mom, I don't want to wear this anymore!"
"I just want to play with my awesome shield."
Pumpkin time! "Um, I really don't want to stick my hand in there. No thank you!"
Have a safe and Happy Halloween! Remember that there may be children with special needs or health care needs coming to your door. Here is a great guideline I found on how to be mindful and accepting of them.

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The VW's said...

Love the costume! He is so cute! Fight those germs Captain (Isaac) America! Hugs!