Friday, August 31, 2012

Keeping Me On My Toes.....

When you have a child with complex, mysterious medical needs, it's hard to know if you are making the right decisions. I frequently doubt my choices, such as should we do this procedure? Should I have waited to send him to the hospital? Should we give him this medication? Is he getting sick? Is he actually not that sick? It makes me crazy sometimes!

On Monday Isaac was supposed to have some ENT procedures done, but on Friday night he started having a high heart rate and needing more oxygen. It wasn't sitting well with me to put him under anesthesia, especially since in April he got really sick after having porta-cath surgery. 

I called and cancelled. Then I had to deal with the scheduler having an attitude with me about it. Obviously she didn't get it. Sigh. 

He seemed better after that, so I started doubting my decision.  Then he started spiking a temp yesterday and coughing/sneezing a lot. So I think he has a cold. Now I'm glad that they didn't put him under. Pulmonology prescribed him an antibiotic for over the weekend just in case it's an infection. I don't want to give that to him thought if he doesn't need it.

It's a good thing this boy is so stinkin' cute and keeps me smiling everyday because he's been giving his poor Mama gray hairs! 

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