Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tummy Troubles :(

Sometimes I feel like I'm being redundant posting here after posting on facebook yesterday, but I know that there are family members who like to get the whole scoop. So here it goes!

Isaac was still having this mysterious respiratory bug last week. Since we were going into the Labor Day weekend, I called the Pulmonologist office to tell them what was going on. At that point they didn't have the results of his recent trach culture. They didn't know for sure if he possibly had a tracheitis(trach infection), but they prescribed antibiotics anyway. I was reluctant to give it to him just in case he just had a cold or virus, but he kept spiking a temp on and off and needing more 02. On Saturday we started the antibiotic, which I later found out was a much larger dose than what he usually takes. 

Shortly after that, we noticed he was getting extremely restless and not sleeping much. By Monday, at times we just couldn't console him. We could tell he was in a lot of pain. Poor buddy! This was not normal for our little smiley dude! 

For the record, I really dislike 3 day weekends when I need to call the Dr. The people on-call are not helpful and don't know Isaac like his usual Dr. and I end up getting nowhere!  On Tuesday I told the office his symptoms and also how his respiratory status seemed better. They said to go ahead and stop the antibiotic, but after 24 hours of stopping it, he was still in a lot of distress. On Tuesday night we took him to the ER and then he was admitted to the PICU for an endoscopy. So far they found out that he has gastritis. I was grateful that the results were not major, such as an ulcer or maybe a partial bowel obstruction. Also, he tested positive for c.diff again. That surprised me since he usually doesn't get that unless he's on IV antibiotics in the hospital. 

Now he looks happy and restful since giving his tummy a break on pediatlite. Soon, they will try food and see he how he tolerates it. Then he should come home by the end of the weekend.  Isaac's teacher and school therapists are going to start their sessions with him next week. It will be nice to get back to into a normal routine then. Anything to make life happier and somewhat normal again! Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers!

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