Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Restful Week

This was a week of resting, reflecting and connecting. While Autumn was at camp and Isaac was with his "peeps," my husband and I went on a 3 day trip up north. For us this was a big deal. We had an actual conversation without a nurse or child listening in on us and ate lots of good food. I was worried that Autumn would have tummy issues at camp so I gave them Zofran just in case,  but she didn't need it. As you can see she had a great time too.
After that I went to Women Of Faith with my niece Katie. It was very inspiring, uplifting, amazing. One of the speakers from this blog inspired me when I first started blogging about Isaac. After the conference I started reading one of her books, which I might actually finish for once. It got me thinking. Without her going through this difficult journey, she wouldn't be at women of faith or helping others with her books. She was able to find the positive and blessings in an unimaginable situation. This is how I view our journey with Isaac. Yes, it's hard. Yes, sometimes I wish things were different and he was born healthy, but I'm thankful that I have a story to tell. I'm thankful that I can maybe help someone beginning their journey. There is a purpose to it all that unfolds even more as the years go by.

This summer seems to be flying by so fast. Soon Isaac's homebound team will be coming to provide school and therapy for him. It will be nice to settle back into a routine, although I'm not looking forward to the doorbell ringing 10 times a day. Sigh. Anyway, thankfully his team is AWESOME and he can get his therapies and school at home where he doesn't get sick. I get overwhelmed sometimes about whether the home thing is the best decision for him. I hear about many special needs children with health needs going to school. Then when I weigh the pros and cons, it's definitely worth it for him to be in his own environment. It used to be just the fact that he got sick so easily. After all, a bad cold could send him to the hospital. Now it's his sensory issues that make him jump at the slightest noise or basically "check out" of what's going on. The cool thing is that his teacher and others know him well and know what works and doesn't work for him. He also gets that one on one interaction that he otherwise wouldn't have. 

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