Friday, June 1, 2012

Moving Forward

It's been a very difficult couple of months. Now I can't help but be even more thankful for my little family and spending time together when things are going well! 

Autumn is doing much better since starting the medication. I'm not getting the phone calls anymore from the school that she's feeling miserable. We have an all day appointment on the 12th of June to check out a few more things with the GI specialist. Hopefully after that she can have a really fun summer! 

Some days I feel like I could go crazy with all the people in and out of my house. For example, yesterday Isaac had 2 therapists come over back to back, a new nurse and a medical supplier ringing the doorbell. Some days I wish I could spend a day without conversing with people in my home and putting a fake smile on my face. Some days there just isn't enough coffee in the pot!  I just have to remember though to be grateful that we get these services and that Isaac is "here" to receive them. When summer starts he will only get private therapy, which will be a nice break from the norm.

Isaac got a few itunes gift cards for his birthday, so I just downloaded another communication app on the iPad. I'm excited to see how he does with it. We are also discontinuing 1 of his seizure medications this month. Now we are down to discontinuing 3 medications that he had been on for 4 years. It feels good to move forward! 


Anonymous said...

Autumn and Isaac are looking good! So happy to hear everybody is returning to good health. The two of them so cute!!!

Love, Gammy

Shelly Turpin said...

I understand the revolving door. It never ends. One of those bittersweet things.