Friday, June 8, 2012

Little Teacher

Isaac got new glasses recently with an updated prescription in the square shape instead of the round.  I think he looks older and like a little professor!
We are currently using a trial of a rifton activity chair for the upstairs bedrooms. He seems very comfortable in it and it fits through the doorways well. Before he was sitting in a high chair for positioning and it was getting way too small for him. His wheelchair stroller, which usually stays on the main level is too big for going through the doors upstairs. I'm that hoping insurance will approve it. We have to get creative with mobility in a multi-level house!

Recently he was in a video to demonstrate assistive technology for a class of students learning special education. His teacher made the video at our house on Wednesday. He did great for the video and was making choices on the iPad app right away on demand. I think he knew that it was another chance at fame!  He really does teach us things without having to say a word. Proud of my little buddy!

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Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you too! You're smarter than some think.

Love, Gammy