Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Isaac came home on Monday and is doing well. He even had PT and Teacher come over during the week and he didn't get too tired. The cdiff he got from the hospital is going away too thanks to oral vanco and the good probiotic I'm using.

The first few days home are really busy, such as today when I trained a new nurse. She seems very nice and is a fast learner. I think once she learns his routine (which is very busy) she will do a good job. She's only available on Wednesdays though so there are a couple of days that are still not permanently filled. It does make life a little more challenging with sister missing more school because of her GI issues. We see the GI doc on the 30th, but I'm getting good at being a squeaky wheel so hopefully we can get her in sooner.

Thanks again for the prayers and comments during this hospital stay. Hopefully it will be a LONG time before we go there again!

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Anonymous said...

Isaac, I am soooooo glad you are doing well, and I hope and pray for sister to feel much better and to see the doc sooner. I feel for her being in such pain.