Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How Does He Do It?

I don't know how he does it. When this little guy has probably 100 things to complain about, he still remains sweet and happy.  He is surely a gift from God to teach us to stay positive about life. That when life gets us down there's always room to smile! 

I wish I could be as positive as him. Things are making me grumpy around here:/ Autumn continues to struggle greatly with her GI issues. It finally paid off to be the squeaky wheel as she has an appointment tomorrow. Imagine if you will feeling like you have an appendicitis for several weeks with no relief. Even though she doesn't have an appendicitis, those are the symptoms. It really sucks to see your child suffer without being able to help her. As a mother it's very difficult to not take the blame for your children's health issues. Well I already do that everyday with Isaac, but when your "healthy child" is really sick, you can't help but wonder what you're doing wrong or right for that matter.

Sam's surgery date is scheduled for the 21st. I really hope we have nursing then because the agency is still having a hard time filling the shifts. 

Keep on swimming, keep on swimming.....


Michelle said...

(((hugs))) that's all I know to say right now...<3

Anonymous said...

Yes, Isaac you have been and continue to be our inspiration through all of our trials and tribulations. It's like, when you complain that you don't have new shoes or holes in your shoes, take a look at the man who has no feet, and our trials don't seem so big. They are still important to God, but others have even worse problems. Kep on smilin' and we will try to smile right along with you, little man.


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Emily was the same way, and always made me smile. She could go through so many things - surgeries, pokes, prods, etc - and STILL smile and laugh. Amazing. We can learn so much from these special kids!