Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Family

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. It's been seriously crazy around here! 

Isaac is doing really well lately and off of the 02 most of the time. I'm so glad the sun is out so that he play in his swing or go to the park. It's such a fun thing for him. I wish we lived in Florida or something so that we could take him outside like this all year long!

Recently the agency has hired 2 nurses who are in training right now for Thursday, Friday mornings and Saturday nights. This will help us out tremendously. 

In the past month Autumn has broken her toe, sprained her ankle, had bronchitis and ongoing tummy issues. We had a whooping cough scare last weekend where she was having horrible cough attacks. I took her in to get a swab and luckily the results were negative. She also had a GI test done yesterday. It was the easiest procedure I've ever seen in the hospital. All she had to do was eat a "nuclear" PB and J and then she just chilled out in bed and watched movies while they took photos of the food passing through her stomach. I love the expression on her face. "You want me to eat what?"
Sam is having surgery on Monday for his hernia. Please keep him and us in your prayers for that. That everything goes smoothly and his recovery goes well. Maybe for my sanity too. Ha ha!

For today we are enjoying the sunshine and BBQing. The calm before the next storm.....


Junior said...

enjoy the sunshine. Prayers for the coming week.

The VW's said...

Hope your husband's surgery goes well and things calm down for all of you! Hang in there! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Isaac, I am so glad to hear you are doing quite well. Autumn, I love the look on your face. That must have been easy enjoying your PB and J sandwich for a test. Sam, hal up quickly, and Mama, take a break; the worst is behind you.

Love, Gammy

Anonymous said...

Isaac, you look like a "cool dude" in your sunglasses on the swing.

Love, Gammy