Friday, February 3, 2012


As many know through facebook, little man was admitted to the hospital today. Yesterday he had a high heart rate and was coughing yellow junk. Then last night he had a really hard time with his oxygen needs and a fever. This morning I called the Pulmonologists office and they finally have a new Dr. who got us in today at 10. After a chest xray etc. she suggested an admit. It appears that he probably has an infection. The good news is that it was a direct admit, which means that we didn't have to spend any time in the ER. (I would rather get my teeth pulled out).

Sister is sad because they have a rule that kids under 18 are not allowed to visit during cold and flu season. Hopefully it won't be long before she can snuggle with him again.

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Anonymous said...

Poor little guy!He is in my prayers, and I'm sure he will be better and at home soon. Colleen, give him a kiss for me, and call me soon.

Love, Gammy