Monday, February 6, 2012

Hospital Update Day 4

Lately it's been easier to post updates on facebook, but I know that some still like to be updated on the blog. I thought I would share what's going on with the boy. Yesterday Isaac looked pretty good, except he had TONS of snot coming out of his nose (with the bi pap on) in the evening. His poor little face is really chapped. His 02 requirements were good when I was there until he fell asleep and then I had to get the RT to adjust the settings. The Pulmonologist suggesting adjusting the pressure settings to see if that would help. So far he's testing negative for viruses such as RSV, but grew out Serratia in the trach culture. He's being treated with tobramycin nebs and IV antibiotics. The intensivist called and said that he would be done with IV by Wednesday and would possibly come home then. It's been rather difficult because I'm touching base with a Pulmonolgist who isn't familiar with him and has ideas with the bi pap and his co2 levels that I don't totally agree with. Luckily we have an appointment soon with his main Pulm to discuss those things further.

In the meantime, little miss has some kind of virus and is achy all over so she's home from school today. I'm feeling torn between seeing Isaac and taking care of my girl. I should be able to go up later tonight though after hubster gets home. As Isaac gets older and more aware, I've noticed it's MUCH MUCH harder for me to leave him or not be there with him. I know he feels more stressed when he's not with his peeps and it makes me feel anxious not being there.

We have been doing this cool thing called "facetime" so that Autumn can talk to her brother and see him at the same time. It was so neat to see him smile when she sang to him and he was waving "Hi" to her. Modern technology is really amazing!


Junior said...

praying for you Isaac, so neat that you get to see your sister on the computer. Feel better and hope to hear that you are home very soon.

Lacey said...

Oh man, facetime is the coolest thing ever! My friend told me about it when she was trying to get me to help her with her little sick one, and now that we've moved, I can't just run over!
He looks good, and hopefully your home soon!