Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting Healthy........

Sorry about the lack of blog posts. I've been busy lately trying to get healthy after many months of snuggling with the boy at home (which I love) AND eating fattening foods. If I've learned anything about this journey with a special needs/medically fragile child, I've learned that balance is the key. Most of my days are filled with scheduling appointments, medications, breathing treatments and therapy sessions. If I take a small portion of it focusing on a goal for my health it makes a big difference in how I feel! When Isaac has a nurse in the mornings I've been working out. Yesterday I went to a zumba class for the first time. I was really nervous since I'm so uncoordinated, but it was fun and I had a couple of good friends cheering me on.

Speaking of health, Isaac has been keeping us on our toes as usual. He was cutting those molars and may have had a cold that caused his 02 needs to be all over the place again. I had to call the Pulmonologist on Friday for a plan, but by Sunday he was on room air. Crazy kid! We were going to send in a culture to see if he had an infection, but now it doesn't seem like he needs it. Hopefully we can keep him at baseline.

Isaac has been enjoying his therapy sessions and his teacher came over last week to help him make insta-snow. It was the coolest thing! (Sorry about the quality, I took these on the ipod).
.....And I cut his hair really short. Now he looks SO SUPER handsome!

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