Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Day!!

Autumn and Brownie are having a blast playing in the snow and going sledding! Almost all of the schools are closed today in the inland northwest. I'm trying to decide if it would be safe to take Isaac out in the snow. He's never been sledding before, but I would worry about him getting snow/water in the trach and the air being too cold for his lungs. Oh well, he doesn't look seem overly disappointed that he's not outside. As usual, some things come to mind when our city has this much snow. Will the power go out? What is our game plan if we there is an emergency and we can't get him to the hospital? Will the nurses be able to come out here? Will they be stuck here? These are things I can't worry about too much or I'll make myself crazy! After the nurse left this morning, I got to snuggle up with this sweet little man and a hot cup of coffee. What could be better?


Team Carter Jay said...

OK, I just love Love LOVE that last picture of Isaac. What a cutie pie!! Glad you are enjoying the snow. Prayers everything goes smoothly through the rest of the winter

April said...

HOORAY for snow days! (love the pictures!)