Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Trachaversary And A Homeaversary

I can't believe it's been 3 years since I heard the words from the ENT "we are going to have to trach him." Did I really know what those words meant for our lives and his? How do you prepare for something like that? After he got the trach though he showed some drastic improvements and we were preparing to take him home after 4 VERY long months in the NICU. Before taking him home, we felt that we needed to prepare Autumn. After all, this wasn't the ideal situation we had hoped for when coming home with her little brother. There would be nurses in and out of the house, several trips to the hospital and dr and stressed out parents. We also explained that he would have a disability in words that a 5 year old could understand, but that we would love him anyway. That his ear that rotates funny is shaped like a heart because he loves her. When the day came to take him home, she wanted to hold him, tubes and all. She was the proudest sister ever. Still today she's such a good sister to him and loves him to pieces!


Alicia said...

Ahhhhh, gotta love these bittersweet milestones. Happy Trachaversary & Homeaversary, Isaac & family!

Great pics of Autumn & Isaac!

Devon said...

Happy everything! Hugs to you guys, and Isaac is lucky to have such a great sister!!!!

Lacey said...

Happy trachaversary!! What a great big sister he has! Mondo came up to me today and asked if Jax was ok because his color looked off! Our kids know way too much medical stuff. Who knows, maybe they'll be doctors!!

Anonymous said...

I think Autumn is the best sister chosen to be Isaac's sister. She is strong but nurturing and caring...very feeling for others. She has accepted him with no problem. Hats off to Autumn!! She's the best sister any little special needs boy could have picked!

Love, Gammy