Thursday, July 15, 2010

Laughter...How I Survive It All

There are some days when life gets crazy with the boy and humor is the only thing that gets me through. There is a reason why Isaac's name means "laughter." God knew that I would need it! Some days I need a good laugh more than others and yesterday was one of those days.

The nurse and I got ready for Isaac's Neurology appointment in the morning. I combed my hair and inhaled my coffee as fast as I could. We loaded up the boy and all of his medical equipment. I double checked the diaper bag to make sure that we had everything. Emergency trach.....check, oxygen tubing.....check. We arrived at our destination and I looked back and discovered that I forgot the stroller! I couldn't believe it!

Imagine if you will trying to carry a suction machine, oximeter, oxygen tank, feedings, a diaper bag, a purse and a 25 pound boy. Imagine that the nurse has a 25 pound weight limit so there isn't very much that she can carry. Imagine carrying a very wiggly 25 pound boy who almost fly's out of your arms as you are holding him in the elevator. Imagine walking up to the front desk at the Dr's office and discovering that your son just had a blowout and your arms are covered in poop!

I can't say I was laughing very much at that moment, but at least I could laugh about it later.

I had another moment where humor was needed. Last night Isaac's bi pap machine had a leak in the tubing. The RT had to talk me through a leak test over the phone. When I told her that it sounded like a jet plane was taking off the nurse started singing "I'm leaving on a jet plane." I had to laugh!


Alicia said...

First, I'm sorry you have had such a rough go of it lately. That just stinks! I could actually imagine myself going through that scenario and I wasn't laughing.

But, you absolutely have the right attitude. It may be cliche, but if you don't laugh, you'll cry. Not that crying is bad! :-) And, (another cliche), laughter is truly the best medicine.

Thanks for sharing your stories and I hope that your luck starts to turn around.

Marie =) said...

Leaving on a jet plane..don't know when i'll be back again..oh wait I do know, Saturday! LOL.... Did you here about the humidifier issue? By the way, that boy makes me smile too!

Devon said...

OH jeez!!! I SO know how that feels--one time we went clear to Dallas for an appointment and I found out when we got there that I only had one shoe!! Fortunately DH had a spare pair I managed to lace up tight enough for me to wear...

Hugs to you, sweetie.

Lacey said...

Oh I haven't done that one yet, thank goodness! I would have left the oximeter in the car, do you really need it with you? Laughter is a fabulous thing! (and they say its a good workout too;)

Colleen Diedrich said...

Loved this posting- can totally relate!... and as others have said, keep laughing- you are a strong momma with an amazing attitude, despite those extra "crappy" days ;-)
Hope you, Mr. Isaac and the fam have a great weekend!
Colleen- (Ian's momma)

Anonymous said...

So sorry Mama had a bad few days, lately. So w are going to cheer her up and take her to Greenbluff where the Cherry Festival is. We are going to feed her cherry pie and lots of cherries (well, maybe not too much) and let her enjoy music and the country and pickin cherries. Some old-fashioned fun. Then Mama won't feel so overwhelmed for awhile.

Love, Gammy

April said...

Oh that made me LAUGH! We have so been there!