Sunday, July 25, 2010


We have been struggling with crusty eye in Isaac's right eye lately. it appears that when he started retaining fluid with the lasix wean, it got worse. He sometimes sleeps with his eyes half open, so that may be contributing to the crust too. Last week we saw the Ophthalmologist and she prescribed an eye ointment that we are applying 4 times a day for 2-3 weeks. It seems to be helping so far, but Isaac is good at letting us know that he doesn't like it! We will see the Opthalmologist again in 3 weeks and she will determine if he needs to have his tear ducts reopened or if he just has inflammation. If he needs the procedure done, it will take place on August the 26th. We will also have the ENT on board that day doing a scope of his airway and replacing his ear tubes. The ENT discussed the possibility of having his adenoids removed. Personally I don't want that done unless she can see that there is a definite problem. As I mentioned in previous posts, Hubby and I are trying to limit the amount of procedures done to the boy. There are just too many risks involved.

It has been hot, hot, hot around here. I took Isaac outside yesterday to watch his sister ride her bike, but I could tell that he wasn't too thrilled with the heat. Tomorrow the nurse will be workin
g a longer shift so that I can take my girl to the waterslide park. I turn into a kid around waterslides so I'm looking forward to it!


April said...

Hope his crusty eye gets feeling better! And hope you can find a way to beat the heat!

Alicia said...

I hope the eye, tonsil, and adenoid issues resolve themselves and don't require surgical intervention. I'm praying!