Monday, June 14, 2010


Sorry I disappeared from the blogosphere for awhile. The weather has been SO nice lately that I just couldn't get myself to sit down long enough to update. If I post less often it's because my daughter is home from school and I want to enjoy this summer with her while she's still a little girl. She's growing up so fast and before I know it she'll be a teenager!

Anyhow, Isaac has a facebook page where I give status updates, in case you want to be friends with him:)

Isaac is still doing well off of the O2, but he still needs a little while he's asleep.

That's OK, I'll take it!

I love this picture I took over the weekend where he fell asleep on his crinkle paper.
There have been some changes going on around here. Good changes. We are finally decreasing his lasix and some other meds. It's nice to to be able to eliminate a med or 2 from the schedule. The decrease in lasix will be a tricky one. I can already see that he's getting puffy cheeks and hopefully he will continue to have clear lungs.
Isaac had fun yesterday going to the park and also swinging in his favorite outdoor swing.

Big sister took him for another wild ride!


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

How fun! It is harder to sit down and post during the great summer weather, isn't it! I hope the Lasix wean goes smoothly.

Anonymous said...

Isaac, you beat your Gammy at having fun in the summer sun! Lucky little boy. You look like you're having a great time! I'll be done with school after Friday and ready to play, too!

Love, Gammy

Anonymous said...

Cola, I love your "stick family from!"I just now noticed it. It looks just like all of you, and especially Isaac with his glasses on and his curly hair. Cute, cute!


Skye is the Limit! said...

Hey!! You might be interested in this...if you have time that is.
I know how crazy life is. I feel like I don't even have time to breathe anymore.
Check it out!

The Snell Family said...

Love it!!!! Arianna loves the crinkle mylar paper too! although she licks it and all the color comes off on her clothes, and people are always afraid for her when she has is, wondering if it is ok. I wish we had a swing for her, I know she liked the one at school!
Good for the O2 nad the lasik, keep up the good work!