Thursday, June 17, 2010

Father's Are Special Too

A little over three years ago I called my husband at work to tell him the exciting news. He was going to have a son!! I was so excited for him! I envisioned them going fishing, hunting, camping and doing all of the fun things that Father's and sons do together. On April 20th 2007 we heard the devastating news that our little man had a chromosomal disorder. What this all meant we didn't know, but it probably wasn't good. While I was grieving and shedding a million tears those first few months, Sam was doing what he does best....taking care of things for the family.

When Isaac came home from the NICU at 4 months old with tons of medical equipment and nurses, reality hit my husband like a brick. This was certainly not part of the plan.

Now Sam and Isaac have a special bond. When he walks in the front door from work, Isaac lights up like a Christmas tree and wants to play their favorite counting game together. The funny thing is that now that our daughter is older she likes to go hunting, fishing and camping with her Dad.

Daddy's are the best!!


Junior said...

so sweet, love the pic of Issac and his daddy.

Lacey said...

Too cute. It doesn't always happen like we hope, but we wouldn't change a thing! Daddy's are the best!

Anonymous said...

Yes, God had a plan. Not what we thought, but a plan indeed! I can see how it has made Sam grow more than 3 years ago. And, Autumn is a unique child and daughter who happens to like all those things. So, you see the plan did make everyone grow to be more than if we all had it our way.

Love, Gammy

Alicia said...

Beautiful post! Happy Father's Day, Sam! Daddies are the BEST!