Monday, January 18, 2010


The Pediatrician's office just called me and said that Isaac is finally testing negative for c-diff! I'm so glad! It was worth it to go the natural route with the probiotics instead of pumping him with more antibiotics. Respiratory wise he is in the w-e-l-l b-a-b-y stage. Shhhh! We don't want him to hear any of that!

Tomorrow we have an appointment with the Pediatric Ophthalmologist. I've had to cancel this appointment at least 4 times due to illness! What is it about the eye appointment? The last time I had to cancel because he was in the PICU. If you could send up a prayer that we don't have any obstacles this time, that would be great! I'm very curious to see how Isaac's eyesight is. In addition I want to talk to the doc about the crust that he's getting around his right eye. I thought we resolved this last year when he had surgery to open up his tear ducts.

Today is my husbands birthday..he is the big 4-0!! I can hardly believe it! Happy Birthday to my wonderful Husband!!


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Great news! Thank heavens for no more c-diff. I hope that the eye appointment goes well and answers your questions.

Alicia said...

Yay for no c-diff! I know that has been such a struggle for you guys for a long time. Saying prayers this eye appt will go off without a hitch and you get some good answers!

Lacey said...

Cdiff is the worst! I'm so glad he's finally negative. Thats a great cake, I love it!!

John and Jenna Gensic said...

Way to go! I'm so glad you avoided antibiotics and had such great results! We pray for you guys constantly!


Team Carter Jay said...

Great news!!! I can't wait to hear how his appt. goes. Good luck!