Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Home Therapy

If you haven't already, check out this website called Kidz. There are some inspiring stories about special needs children and their parents. This week they are talking about Heidi, Juniors Mom who has made everyday tons of fun for Junior. You have to at least check out her blog and see Juniors great smile! He's such an inspiration!

Well it's that time...time to start talking about what our plans will be once the little man turns 3 years old. It's awhile from now, but will come sooner than we know it! Looking at my boy who is only 23 1/2 pounds right now, I can't even believe he's going to be 3 in April. Weighing the pros and con's of public school, we have decided that it is in Isaac's best interest to receive as much therapy and schooling at home as we can possibly provide for him. Since he doesn't have a very good immune system and the slightest cold can throw us into the PICU, sending him to public school isn't a great idea right now.

I recently called a therapy center called "stepping stones" and they provide home therapy for medically fragile children in our area. I was visiting my mother-in-law last month at the nursing home and her physical therapist mentioned that she worked for them. I guess you never know who you are going to run into at just the right time!

Speaking of my mother-in-law, she is finally going home Friday after a very long rehab period after her fall back in October. Hooray!

Isaac's diaper changes are becoming less frequent. It looks like I just needed to let the probiotics work a little longer. I'm so glad!


Junior said...

Kidz is an awesome site, thanks for your kind comments.
so glad that Issac is doing better. I remember making the home instruction decisions with Junior at that age. It has been worth it to keep him as healthy as possible. Hope you find an awesome teacher.

Hope said...

I'm so glad he can get home care. I'd choose the same thing. :) :)

Lacey said...

I totally forgot about Kidz, I accidentally deleted it and forgot she was out there. C-diff is so nasty, once it kept Jax in the hospital for two weeks!

Alicia said...

We too are going to keep Marissa home and continue therapies here. Her immune system is OK but I am nervous to send her in anticipation of a big surgery this summer. We just want her to be as healthy as possible for it. And, if she is able to get the trach out by Fall, I feel much more comfortable sending her to school than I would if she still had it. Regardless, I think we will send her in the Fall no matter what. All that to say that I am on the same page when it comes to keeping our kiddos out of school for a while.

So glad your MIL will be going home soon, that sure has been a long ordeal! And I'm very glad Isaac seems to be doing better too!

Team Carter Jay said...

I'm glad to see that Isaac is doing better. I love the Kidz website too, and I love your blog's makeover

Anonymous said...

Health that is fragile requires extra protection. I can relate to your MIL being in a long rehab after a fall AND being a PT who worked with rehab-ing elderly and children in their homes.

All the best, Barbara