Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eye Appointment

So we managed to make it to the eye appointment without too many obstacles. After getting my Daughter and Nephew to school, then loading up the nurse and a bunch of medical equipment into the car, we were off!

While pushing the stroller to the appt., a little girl who was probably around 3 stopped us and asked if she could see the baby. Little did she know that he's almost the same age as her! She asked the nurse what the tube was and the nurse replied "that's a special tube that helps him breath better." I just love kids and their curiosity. They're not afraid to ask the simple questions and they're much more lighthearted than adults.

Isaac is going through this "scary" stage where any new toy that he sees scares him. He's afraid it will make a loud noise. This has made therapy sessions interesting at times. When the Ophthalmologist put some toys in front of him so that she could see how well he tracks, he got really tense and didn't want to look them. By the time the eye drops came and she stuck lenses in front of him, he wasn't too happy. After all that I told him "all done," and he sighed a huge sigh of relief!

To our surprise we found out that Isaac is very nearsighted. His prescription is pretty high for a little pumpkin like him. The Ophthalmologist said that since Isaac's world is mostly up close (toys, Mama), if we choose to get glasses, he would probably just need them for far away stuff, such as when he's playing his v-smile game. She said he can see about 3-4 feet away before things get fuzzy. I'm just trying to take this all in. I was totally not expecting this. I also talked to her about the crust around his right eye and she wrote a prescription for an ointment that we can rub around the eyelid. I'm sure he will love that! :)


Devon said...

Ugh on the ointment, but I'm glad the appointment went well.

I agree on the kiddos...I like it when they ask about Dakin's tubes, because I feel like I can educate them a little--help them not to grow up to be ignorant idiots.

Team Carter Jay said...

Carter is just the opposite and a little far-sighted. I think it's crazy how they can tell that about these little ones. So glad that you have that one under your belt :)

Lacey said...

I love kids too. I just wish their parents were as open minded as them. They aren't afraid to ask questions. If only we were all that inocent!