Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Yesterday was a long day. Isaac's temp went up as high as 103.8 and he was lethargic. I almost started packing our gear for the ER, but the pediatrician's office managed to get us in that afternoon. They checked out his ears and didn't see any noticeable drainage that would signify that he still had an ear infection and the good news is they did a swab to check for the flu and he didn't have it. Whew! I also called our agency that handles infusion therapy. They came to the home last night to access his port and draw labs to check for infection. So far today when I called his white blood cell count was fine, but I'm still waiting on the final blood culture. That port is a godsend! It has saved us a few times from having to get labs drawn in the ER or having to take him out to a germ infested lab. Love it! Anyway after stinker gave us a scare, his temp has been rather low grade today..about 99-100.

Isaac's Grandma (my mother-in-law) is doing well and is staying in a new rehab facility. We saw her today since my husband had the day off for Veterans Day. She showed us her new cast that's hot pink with flowers on it. So cute! She certainly has an amazing attitude about her fall and staying there. I'm so inspired!


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Alicia said...

Oh man! That's not a good temp at all! I am glad it came down and I am praying for Isaac to get better quick.

Your MIL sounds like a great lady. I will continue to pray for her recovery.