Sunday, November 15, 2009

Snow And The Myserious Boy

Friday we had our first taste of winter with a little snow and Autumn couldn't wait to get her snow pants on!Personally I'm not ready to see this fluffy white stuff yet. I'm still recovering from last year when we got approximately 90 inches of snow, most of it fell in December! I still have flashbacks of shoveling. One time we even had 2 of our nurses cars stuck at our house! I ended up serving one of the nurses breakfast because we didn't know when she was going to be able to get home. One of the ladies at our agency called us "the Grove family home and hospital....and bed and breakfast."Yes, life can get interesting sometimes. So I'm praying that God has mercy on us this year and we have very little snow.

Mr. Man has been giving me some extra gray hairs lately. He had that fever on Tuesday and then it was low grade for awhile. By Friday the temp seemed to be gone. By Last night his fever was 102 degrees and he needed more o2. Today it was low grade. Weird. It's like a temperature roller coaster! Since his lab tests are showing no signs of infection or the flu, I'm guessing that he has a mixture of things going on. He's got a couple of molars coming in plus there's a bad virus going around. That's my guess. Most of the weekend he hasn't been his perky self and he's been looking just how he feels. Poor little guy! I don't even have any smiley photos to share this week. Hopefully next time!


Anonymous said...

Poor baby, Isaac!! I pray for you to get well and I can come and give you kisses and hugs.

Your sister, Autumn looks cute in her snow gear.

Love, Your Gammy

Amber said...

It's good to have an update *although not the one we were hoping for :0(* I have been checking on you...wondering how he was doing. I HATE it when they are "off" and it points to nothing specific. Praying this ends soon!

The thank you! Not yet!! I don't know what's going on this year...we are having a springy fall...and I LOVE it!
...there goes Gracies neb...gotta run!:0)

Alicia said...

I gotta say that the picture of Autumn made me smile big!!! Her standing there in all her big poofy snow gear and a little dusting of snow on the ground ~ hilarious!! Ahhh, to have the enthusiasm of a child!

Sorry Isaac is on this roller coaster and you don't know exactly what is wrong. I'm praying for him to feel better soon and stay that way.

Have a great week!

Michelle said...

Well, I hope all it is is teething...

Autumn looks so cute in her winter garb...I just cannot imagine it snowing already...