Friday, October 2, 2009


In July Isaac went in for a bronchial scope and came out with a larger sized trach tube. I was a little upset when the ENT doctor came out and announced that she had placed the larger tube in and that it would be risky to use the passy muir valve. This is because the new tube would be too large to let air travel around it and it's possible that he wouldn't be able to exhale adequately. (not good)

When he had the smaller trach tube, he was tolerating the valve quite well and he could wear it for long periods of time with no problems. I loved the fact that I could hear my boy make sound and it was also nice that I didn't have to suction him as much. Always a plus!So it's been a couple of months and the ENT doc gave me the go ahead to start experimenting with the muir again with close monitoring. When he wears it he sounds like a scratchy record when he exhales and then when I remove it I hear a noticeable "poof" sound. (probably not good) So I'm having an RT come out this week to take a look at him with me. Hopefully we will get to a point where he can wear it like he did before.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Alicia said...

Oh, I hope Isaac can start tolerating the PMV again soon. I would have been furious to know that the ENT placed a bigger tube without me knowing first. I know she must have done it for good medical reason but some warning would have been nice. Didn't she realize she was taking Isaac's sweet voice away?

We have never had to do this so I wouldn't even know how to tell you how, but I know some people have modified the PMV by drilling a hole or two in it. I have heard talk of it on the message boards. Maybe this is an option for you?

Praying for Isaac's voice to come back.

Janis said...

Drilling is an option, but some ENT's won't touch it..just one of those things that you need to get lucky on. I swear our ENT won't do any of the fun stuff!!

I hope you can hear him soon. Oh BTW Austin is wearing his all day now...and occasionally we still get the "poooof" sound. No one seems to mind/care.

Hope said...

I'd be upset too. I hope he starts tolerating it soon. I hope the poof sound isn't anything dangerous.

Michelle said...

Will pray for PMV success. Do they have one that accomodates a larger trach?