Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Storytime With Sister

Isaac is becoming a little book lover lately, especially when his big sister reads him a bedtime story. Since Autumn has to read 20 minutes a night for school, this is a great way for her to do it! Lately the speech therapist has been coming over with books and I've noticed that Isaac seems much more focused than he used to be.

Isaac is in his w-e-l-l b-a-b-y phase lately. (shhhh, we only spell it around him.) His oxygen requirements have been much better than last month and he's on his usual baseline meds. Hallelujah! Please continue to pray for wellness throughout the season. Autumn's classroom is flooding with yucky viruses and flu's, which makes a Mom nervous. There was even a student last week with H1N1. Freak out!

I've been experimenting more with the muir lately and and it seems like just for the first 3 minutes or so I hear those funny noises and then he does fine after that. I think he's just not used to breathing differently and I need to just keep plugging away for short intervals until he's used to it again. He got lots of tickles yesterday so that I could hear him laugh. Such a sweet sound!


Anonymous said...

I also, noticed him taking more interest, lately, in the books being read to whenever I have read to him. He seems to focus on them more and want to touch the pages. You can even see him focusing in the pics. He's listening and looking. Another little baby step in Isaac's development. Yeah!

Love, Gammy

Anonymous said...

Cola, where's your playlist? I miss the music.


Alicia said...

Such a sweet picture of Autumn reading to Isaac. I love it when kids first start showing an interest in books, so wonderful!

Here is a silent cheer for Isaac being w-e-l-l... !!!!

Glad you were able to hear him laugh. My heart still melts every time Marissa laughs.

Junior said...

great picture, way to go Issac stay w-e-l-l big guy

Sherry C said...

Hi i saw you visited my blog, your son is so adorable that is great he loves books. My daughter Ashley has a chromosome deletion on 14q. She loves books too, she just learned to turn pages last year at 3 and now at 4 she can't get enough of books. I'll be following your story.

Michelle said...

That picture is so sweet. Just precious. I love his attentiveness! Glad the PMV is getting better and I'm really glad for the w-e-l-l b-a-b-y phase for sure. Oink flu is ALL over our kids' schools. I'm not so sure that is not what Lillian has. Here's praying for staying w-e-l-l!!!

Janis @ SneakPeek said...

Check it out! I sent you an award. I love reading about Issac very much.