Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Long Day

Yesterday was a long day and Isaac handled the scope and ear tube replacement like everything else.....a champ! The ENT didn't find anything new or unusual going on in the airway that would solve the mysterious oxygen requirements, but since he has had the same trach tube size since he was only 6 pounds, she decided to place a larger sized trach tube. Last night he needed less oxygen, but it would be a long shot to say that the new trach tube did the magic trick. During the ear tube replacement he had wax buildup and polyps inside of his ears (ick!) that she cleaned out. No wonder he has so much hearing loss!

After the scope Dr. A said that Isaac is still next to impossible to intubate so it looks like we're looking at some more growth before we think about a decannulation (trach removal). Sad face. I've been having some minor issues with Dr. A lately concerning Isaac's PMV valve and some other questions where I seem to be getting more adequate information from the respiratory therapist. I'm considering looking into a 2nd opinion. Please pray as I make this decision.

Now that things are settling down (I'll try not to say that too loud) I'm going take some time out for myself while Autumn is at VBS this week. Yes, even supermom can experience a major case of burnout every now and then so I might indulge in a big giant chocolate bar, take a bubble bath or maybe even take a nap!

Here are some photos of the happy guy waiting to go back for surgery.


Alicia said...

I am glad the scope went well, but I am sorry they couldn't answer the question of why he is needing more O2.

I definitely know what you are going through in seeking another doc. It is a hard decision that I have had to make a couple of times, but I am so glad I did. We need to do what is right for our kiddos and not all docs are a good fit. You just need to find the right fit for Isaac. I will pray for you as you go down this path.

Thanks for your love and support. It really helps, more than I can tell you. :)

Anonymous said...

Isaac, I am so relieved you went through this appointment with flying colors. You look so relaxed and happy with no care in the world for a little boy who is at doctor's office getting a checkup and other things performed. You are so loved and prayed for all the time.

Love, Gammy (smooch)

Anonymous said...

Well look at that smile-such a cutie. Now about this mysterouis O2-what up wth that buddie. I know your just trying to keep mommy on her toes! I understand the doc dilemma-sometimes even the good docs just arent on the same page as us mommies and when that happens time to part the ways and find one that is reading the same book. hugs and prayers to you all. enjoy the choclate bar. F.R.O.G. sharon and crew www.caringbridge.org/visit/curtisshubert

Hope said...

I'm glad it went well. Is Cincinnati an option for you for as a 2nd opinion? I'm praying you get answers.

He's such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Hello little man my thoughts and prayers are with you
Love Chrisie

Luci Anderson said...

Dearest Grove family,
The smiles from Isaac lift my days... We are glad everything went good with all the procedures. Seeking different options are always what great parents do. We only want what is best for them. And by the way have two chocolate bars you deserve it and more!

Michelle said...

Glad things went well...those pics are all just adorable!! I say shoot for the second opinion! I was/am terribly nervous about all the new docs we are going to, but I'm leaning on my faith that this is the right decision and so far I've been pleased. It is so hard...remember a second opinion is just an opinion...you don't have to leave your current doc. Sometimes it just seems like you are beating your head against a wall and you have nowhere else to turn, know what I mean?

My vote---chocolate bar in the tub every night of VBS!!!:)

Anthony's Family said...

LOL..... love the photos of Isaac. Would you be willing to share a gaint chocolate bar?

If your mommy gut is saying get another opinon, then go for it.

We see Dr. A and most patients with airway issues go to her as the airway is her area of speciality. There was a time she rubbed me wrong and I went to two different Drs., only to end up back in her office. I have no regrets about seeking others and will do it again and again when needed. So, Colleen if your mommy gut is speaking loud follow it.

You and your beautiful family are always in my prayers. If you want to split a large chocolate bar call me.

Take care,

Kara Grace said...

what a happy, beautiful boy. Isn't it incredable that this is a situation that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy and yet...HE is the one making US smile. GO ISAAC!