Friday, July 10, 2009

Home And Still A Mystery

It was a very short stay......only 2 1/2 days and they found absolutely nothing. We still don't know why he needs so much oxygen at night and only needs room air to 1/2 a liter during the day. The hospital shrugged their shoulders, gave us a pat on the back and sent us home on antibiotics. For what I wonder...they didn't find a source of infection.

I moved the Pulmonologist appointment up so that I can discuss the benefit of bi-pap at night. First and foremost we have to make sure that their isn't a structural thing going on and so we are going to proceed with the bronchoscopy on Monday. He will be put under anesthesia, so pray for smooth sailing. The procedure will be at noon. Thanks again for the prayers and the nice comments. You're awesome!



The Beckham 5 said...

Hey Colleen....just wanted you to know that I have been thinking and praying for you guys. Elliot is still talking about Autumn and after almost 3 1/2 years, no one compares to her!!! I really need to make a trip over with him so he can see her again :) It's kinda cute.
I'm glad Isaac is home. I will be praying for the procedure on Monday.

Alicia said...

Wow, baffling!! I am so glad he is home though! I will pray for things to go well on Monday with Isaac's bronch.

Have a great weekend!

Colton's Journey said...

Please let us know how it went. You will be in my thoughts and prayers- Lucy

Anthony's Family said...

Colleen, it was good to hear your voice and know that you guys were home! Isaac is in my prayers now and will be especially on Monday. Please kiss these kissable cheeks for me (((HUGS))) to you and I am here for you.

Take Care,

MaryBeth said...

Colleen, so wonderful to meet you & Autumn @ church this morning with Lucy! Your info about sweeet Isaac brings tears to my eyes. Yes, I understand day by day. Yes, I understand not knowing what to tell others about a prognosis. Praise God that he holds our little ones in his arms & continues to give us strength & grace each day. What a wonderful blessing you have in Isaac. Yes, I do understand because my life is blessed with a special little guy named Shawn! Prayers for you dear sister with this procedure on Monday. May God guide the doctors hands & may they find out why Isaac needs so much O2 at night. MaryBeth

Cjengo said...

Look at him in his bouncer, I love it. I am not sure why he needs to oxygen, but I will say a prayer.