Monday, April 13, 2009

2 already???

It's Gold.....
and oh sooo shiney!!

Is it really true? Could my sweet baby actually be 2 years old today? It seems like just yesterday we were in the NICU holding our little 2 1/2 pound bird! For Easter we had a BBQ with my Mom and my Sister and law's family. Isaac got to open a couple of gifts, but even with all of his new cause and effect toys all he wanted to play with was his most favorite toy of all............his gold foil! It's so crinkley and shiney and oh sooooo nice!! Sam said that maybe it reminds him of heaven.


Junior said...

Happy birthday big guy, that gold foil looks like fun

Kacey Bode said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy!! The kid likes gold, he has great taste, who needs baby toys when you can play with GOLD???

Heidi said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Isaac! You are a gift from God! Wish I could be with you today and roll around on that crinkly gold paper.
Love Heidi

Anonymous said...


Thanks for always posting such sweet words of love and support in Jayden's guestbook. We really appreciate the fact that you appreciate our honesty. I feel like I have to get my deepest feelings out on the website as my form of therapy. I'm so glad that your little Isaac is doing so well and is already the big "2". That is wonderful. I'm so sorry that I never wrote you back on his kidney issues. I hope you got it all figured out. As you know, nothing is ever textbook with our special little guys, but then again, that's what makes them so special and makes us love them all the more.

Love and hugs,

Vicki Fields (Jayden's Mommy)

Pauline Salter said...

Colleen, Isaac & family
Stopping in to say hello and glad to hear that Isaac had a wonderful birthday. His photos are so cute, and his smile says it all.
Sending our love & hugs across the miles.
Pauline & Lena