Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Keeping Mom On Her Toes Tuesday

It's Tuesday night as I type and Isaac has been keeping me on my toes today. Both of his lungs are wheezy and the nebulizer treatments are not quite doing the trick. I think he may have caught a cold from me, which has turned into junky lungs. He must know that it has been almost 6 months since our last admit to the hospital.(September) I am going to call pulmonology tomorrow to see what else we can add to our bag of tricks here at home and hopefully we can stay away from there. Lil stinker is otherwise gleaming with smiles and laughing at Mom's funny sounds as usual. He laughs at me when I sip my coffee because he thinks the sound is so funny. Now all I have to do is sip my usual afternoon decaf and he starts to giggle. Silly guy! Autumn has been keeping me on my toes too. She is an otherwise healthy kid, but she was born with reflux in her urine and is very prone to bladder infections. Well the past 2 months we've been struggling with this and had to go in frequently to get her urine tested. She has an appointment next month with the Urologist to get this checked out. Isaac's lil friend Gabby continues to be in and out of the hospital for pneumonia and infections and I am sending a prayer up for them. Well I better go to bed!


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Love ya,
Brooke & Keller

Pauline Salter said...

Colleen & family
We are thinking of you all & keeping you in our prayers, also praying that Isaac will stay out of hospital & continue to make milestones.
Love & hugs, Pauline & Lena