Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunshine and Wheelchair vans

I'm so happy the sun is out and I can finally enjoy being outside with my little buddy! He got some vitamin D on Friday while I planted flowers along the swing set. 
School is going well. He has been taking the paratransit back home with the nurse. Since he only goes to school for 3 hours this really helps me out. It's not the most convenient ride though as they have a 1/2 an hour window. So if I schedule them to come out at noon they may not arrive until 12:30. Then my nurse has to get off work at a certain time too. This was a problem last week when it had been raining hard and Isaac and the nurse were outside waiting for the bus to arrive. Somehow we have figured out a good schedule though and things are going much smoother than they were at first. 

However life would still be 10x easier if we had a wheelchair van. One of the reasons it's difficult transporting Isaac myself is all of the lifting involved, including folding and taking apart the wheelchair. Sam and I are literally burning holes in the back of our heads going online on Craiglslist and Ebay. I strongly feel that there is an answer out there. The perfect find. It will take some time I know!  Right now we are looking at a few in Arizona and Texas. We are sometimes finding it humorous at 11:30 at night as our brains are about to turn to mush that we are "living the dream" as we sarcastically say. I know there are more adventures in store for this little guy....and hopefully soon. 

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