Sunday, February 23, 2014

Today's Challenges

So things seem pretty calm around here lately when it comes to illnesses or hospitalizations, but life with Isaac these days definitely has it's own challenges.

1. Bigger: Isaac is still very small for his age, but he's becoming a tank. Imagine if you will carrying a 38 pound log around the house for the majority of the day. We have looked into modifications for our 4 level house. Also, for several months we have been searching for a wheelchair van with with low miles for a decent price. We must be dreaming because it seems like the more we search it gets somewhat discouraging. I know there must be a plan and soon we will find the right one.

2. Busy: Isaac is busy lately! Gone are the days when he was content sitting in his wheelchair. His little hands need to be busy.
 If he can roll to it, reach it or cruise around in the gait trainer to get to it he will. This is how I found him the other day in a pile of sandwich bags that he threw on the floor. It's ok I can always buy more sandwich bags. 

3. School: As we start going back to school in a month, one of the challenges is the limited amount of hours I have available for private duty nursing in the daytime. This would always limit him to 1/2 days even if in the future I wanted him to go longer. He has to have one on one care with the trach so I couldn't just send him to school without knowing someone trusted was present in the room. I'm hoping to get more information about our options with the district. If it's a situation where a nurse is just in the building, but not directly in the classroom, thats not an option. Period.

So life today is challenging in many different ways, but we surely love this guy to pieces! 

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Anonymous said...

You are so loved and loveable!