Saturday, August 10, 2013

Extra Snuggles

Lately we have cut back the nursing hours to save up for a trip that we promised for Autumn. Little man has been on his best behavior healthwise and has been getting lots of extra attention and snuggles from us. 
I admit its nice not having the people here all the time and big sister has volunteered to be very helpful. A few days ago she wanted to help with the bath and had a great time giving him a mohawk with the soap. I think he liked it! 
However, even on a well day there is a lot that has to be done such as nebulizer treatments, medications, bathing, changes, suctioning, lifting, monitoring...the list goes on. Nope, no bon bons for this Mama! Not that I'm complaining because I love taking care of him, but 24/7 care can be very tiresome. So when I DO have a nurse I appreciate them even more.  
I'm currently checking into what's in store for school this fall. On the 5th of September I will be visiting the school to get a visual and meet his teachers. Then I may have him ride the bus to school with a nurse. Can you imagine my little man riding a school bus? Pictures to follow of course:-) 

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